Things To Get Out Of A Zinc Nickel Plating Provider

If you're planning to put a zinc nickel plating finish on a part to give it more durability, you can save yourself a complicated process by working with a specialty plating provider. Their services will pay off if you find a plating provider with a couple of things.

Burn-Free Results

If burning was able to happen throughout zinc nickel plating, not only will parts look bad, but it could compromise their overall structure. This is particularly true if the burns penetrated deep inside the parts being plated. For this reason, make sure you're working with a plating provider that provides burn-free results every time.

That result depends on how well their plating environment is set up, as well as the experience they have applying zinc nickel plating to parts. Look into these operational details until you find a provider that assures you burns won't affect the plating process.

Respect Your Plating Requirements

If you've had zinc nickel plating done before to parts — whether it was to make them corrosion-resistant or less susceptible to thermal stress — you may have a good idea of how you want subsequent plating processes going. You would thus benefit the most from a zinc nickel plating provider that respects your plating requirements at all times.

They should take time to find out what you're looking for in terms of plating qualities at the end of this process. Then they can line up the appropriate plating techniques and environment that yields optimal attributes you were looking for from the start. 

Support Complex Plating Projects 

If you're having complex parts plated with zinc nickel, then you need a plating provider that is willing to accept these more involved plating projects and still give you great results at the end. Some plating providers are more capable in this regard than others.

You just need to look at their plating operations, past complex projects they've successfully completed, and ability to work against obstacles. Speak to a couple of plating providers that seem like a good fit and then you'll know which direction to go in based on the feedback you receive.

If you have parts that could use zinc nickel plating, working with a professional provider is going to give you a streamlined plating process that helps parts come out great. You have a couple of options, which won't be hard to analyze if you just stick to details that matter the most. 

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