4 Different Types Of Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin is the very strong and waterproof material that is most often associated with the blue tarps you can purchase from a home goods store and use to cover up items outside. However, there are actually various types of tarpaulin beyond the basic blue tarp. Learn more about these four types of tarpaulin material.

Type #1: Fence Tarpaulin

A fence tarpaulin is a long, stretched out piece of material. You can purchase a fence tarpaulin to be a certain distance or length. This type of tarpaulin has specific hooks running across the top so that the pieces can be attached to fencing. Fence tarpaulin is most commonly used on construction sites, where a temporary fence is necessary to protect the items that are being used on the construction site.

Type #2: Insulated Tarpaulin

Insulated tarpaulin has an extra layer of insulation. It is specifically manufactured so that it can provide protection against extremely cold temperatures. This type of tarpaulin can be used to cover up materials when it is cold outside.

This type of tarpaulin may be used to cover up equipment that is being stored out in the snow, for example, or it may be used to create insulation between your tent and the ground when camping outside.

Type #3: Sports Tarpaulin

A sports tarpaulin is an over-sized tarpaulin that is made to fit over a playing field. For example, if you have been at a baseball game where it starts to rain, you may see them bring out a sports tarpaulin to cover the playing field.

Sports tarpaulin can be custom ordered to fit your specific type of sports field. They can be used on baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, as well as other type of athletic fields. Sports tarpaulins are often attached to devices to make rolling them out easier.

Type #4: Trunk Tarpaulins

A trunk tarpaulin is specially designed for a semi-truck. It is designed so that you can roll the cover out over the semi-truck. It is used generally with a long flat to go over the top of a load, and then with flaps on both sides to go over the sides of the load. Trunk tarpaulins have grommets on them so that they can be attached and secured to the flatbed truck.

Tarpaulins come in many different varieties. You can order a custom tarpaulin that will fit your specific business or personal needs from a tarpaulin manufacture. You can get tarpaulins made with extra insulation. You can get custom tarpaulins made with grommets to help secure or hold up the tarpaulin. The size can be customized as well.

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