3 Common Structural Steel Erection Questions

Many buildings have a sturdy structural steel frame. The erection of that structural steel is often the first thing that occurs during the building phase of a property. Contractors who get hired for the job will need to carefully review design plans before they begin putting pieces of steel together. They need to pay close attention to ensure that they are putting the pieces in the right spots before combining those pieces to create a steady frame that stays in place throughout the construction process.

1. What Does It Take to Put Structural Steel Together?

Several things will happen when there are multiple contractors are working on a building that will have a structural steel frame. They must first gather the pieces of steel that will get fused together with the help of welding tools, fasteners, and large bolts. The contractors will work together to put the different pieces together, much like a puzzle. If the pieces of steel are bulky and heavy, the contractors will need to use some large equipment to help with the erection process. Some of the best equipment to use when working on this kind of job include cranes and forklifts because the equipment helps with the process of transporting different steel components from one spot to another.

2. Does the Process of Erecting Structural Steel Take a Long Time?

It does not take that much time to erect structural steel. There is a process involved and multiple contractors will likely work together on the project to get it completed. While the exact timeframe varies due to the overall size of the building and the number of contractors working together, it will usually take less than a week to erect the frame of a building using structural steel. Because it does not take too long to set up, contractors can get more done at a time, which is good for those who would like to have their buildings constructed safely yet fast enough.

3. Why Is Structural Steel Ideal?

Structural steel is ideal when contractors are putting buildings together because it is so durable. No material compares to steel. Not only is it an affordable yet strong material, but it is also far more sustainable and efficient than other materials. When contractors are constructing buildings of all different sizes for various uses, including office space and assorted commercial properties, it is common for them to use structural steel as a frame for the building. You may see structural steel erected in a specific area when contractors are working on constructing a building. It is great to have as a frame because of its durability.

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