Top Benefits Of Shoulder Screws

You might already be aware that there are a ton of different types of fasteners out there. You might work with some of them on a regular basis, and you might know about some of the other types of screws and other fasteners that are out there. One type of fastener that you might not be familiar with yet, though, is the shoulder screw. However, shoulder screws are very handy for certain applications. These are some of the reasons why they're often preferred for use in certain situations.

They're Long

Although they do come in different lengths, one thing that many people like about shoulder screws is the fact that they are all pretty long in comparison to most other screws. When you're working with big pieces of equipment or other large items, then you might need screws that are quite a bit larger than your average screw. This is one time when shoulder screws might just come in handy.

They're Only Partially Threaded

When you think about screws, you might immediately think about fasteners that are threaded all the way from the top to the bottom. After all, you might assume that this is the main thing that separates screws from nails. However, shoulder screws are unique in the fact that they are only partially threaded. They have unthreaded "shoulders," which is a good thing when you need to allow for rotation of pulleys or other moving parts without having the threading get in the way.

They're Durable

When you pick up your average shoulder screw, you will probably find that it's a bit heavier than most of the other screws that you might have in your toolbox. This is a good thing when you're working with heavy-duty equipment or when you'll be using the screw for high-powered applications since you will probably want to make sure that it can hold up to the job. Of course, some shoulder screws are more durable than others, depending on their size, weight, and the way that they are manufactured. Typically, though, you can count on shoulder screws when you are looking for screws that will hold up well to heavy-duty use.

When you are shopping for screws and other fasteners, you might want to learn as much about the different types of fasteners that are available as you can. If you don't know much about shoulder screws, consider learning more about them and the different ways that they can be used. Soon, you may find that you will start using shoulder screws more frequently than you ever thought you would. 

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