4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Supplier For Your Aerospace Forgings

To guarantee that any aircraft your company produces is of the highest quality, you need quality aerospace forgings. Forgings are produced using high-pressure methods (like pressing or pounding) to shape heated metal into the desired part. The end result is a strong, lightweight component ideal for aircraft. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a company to produce your aerospace forgings.

1. The Type of Forgings the Company Can Produce

Forgings is a relatively generic term that refers to any part produced using the aforementioned forging process. Turbine disks, bearing housings, shafts, and tail hooks are all aircraft components that use forgings. You need to ask the company what kind of aerospace forgings it produces to ensure its products are right for your aircraft. Also, see if the company has any size restrictions for the forgings that it produces.

2. Any Minimum Order Quantities Required by the Supplier

Another detail to keep in mind is whether the supplier has any minimum order quantities for its aerospace forgings. Some suppliers are only willing to fulfill large orders, while others are willing to take orders that only ask for a few parts. Check that any quantity guidelines are appropriate for your needs. 

3. The Turn-Around Time for Your Order

Even the best quality aerospace forgings are of little use to you if they don't get to you in a timely manner. Ask potential suppliers what their normal turnaround times are for orders and if they offer any expedited options to get forgings to you as quickly as possible. You should also see if the supplier has a program to track the status of your order so that you can adjust your projects accordingly if delivery is behind schedule. 

4. Whether the Supplier is Accredited

There are certain accreditations that a manufacturer of aerospace forgings can obtain. These accreditations are evidence that the company has adapted its manufacturing facility and production procedures to create a high-quality product that meets or exceeds industry standards. Companies must pass interviews, inspections, and audits to qualify for these certifications.

For example, the ISO 9001 accreditation indicates that a company uses specific quality management procedures to ensure they consistently produce a dependable product. The AS 9100 accreditation is another quality management certification that's been adapted to the needs of the aerospace industry. Suppliers with the AS 9100 accreditation must meet additional requirements that are only applicable to aerospace components. A NADCAP certification means that the company works to use cost-effective processes during the production of aerospace forgings.

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