Problems With Your Well? Signs You Need to Call for Repairs

When you're responsible for your own water supply, you can't afford to take chances with your well. After all, problems with your well can leave you and your family without water. In addition to the annual service calls that your well requires, you also need to stay on top of necessary repairs. The best way to protect your well is to take care of repairs before your well fails. Here are some signs that indicate a need for immediate repairs to your well system. 

Your Well has Been Vandalized

If you've recently discovered that your well has been vandalized, you need to call for repairs right away. You have no way of knowing the extent of the damage without calling for professional assistance, especially if the vandalism included attacks against your well pump. An immediate inspection will ensure that any necessary repairs are taken care of in a timely manner. 

Your Pipes Have Frozen

If you've experienced a winter freeze, you need to have the pipes that run from your well inspected immediately. If those pipes froze, you could be looking at serious problems for your well, especially if the freeze affected your well pump. If your pipes and pump aren't inspected and repaired right away, they could rupture. If that happens, you could lose a good portion of your water supply. Not only that, but your property could flood. As soon as you experience frozen pipes this winter, have your well inspected. Repairs to frozen well pipes and pump will protect your water supply and your home. 

Your Water Pressure Is Inconsistent

If the water pressure inside your home is inconsistent, there's a good chance that the problem stems from your well pump, especially if you know that you have a good supply of water in the well. Pressure problems can be a sign that your pump is wearing out or that you have a buildup of sediment in the lines. Repairing or replacing the pump, and cleaning out the lines, should restore the water pressure in your home. 

Your Supply Is Contaminated

If your well water failed its last test, don't delay the repairs. A contaminated water supply puts your entire family at risk for illnesses. Contamination can be caused by a variety of problems, including leaky underground pipes. Luckily, your well service provider will be able to take care of the necessary repairs. They can also provide you with tips that will help you avoid future water contamination.

When you suspect a problem with your well, remember to call a well repair professional, such as David Cannon Well Drilling, right away to avoid further damage to your well or well pump.

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