Four Kinds Of Lighting Rentals You Might Want For Your Next "Rave" And How To Get Them

A "rave" is a loud dance party located wherever someone finds the space to hold it. It usually involves a lot of alcohol, and a DJ to play music. It also uses a lot of entertainment lighting to make it seem like you are in a New York nightclub. If you have all the rest of your "rave" ingredients, and you are just lacking lighting, here are four kinds of entertainment lighting rentals you can get, and how to get them for this one event. 

The Disco Ball

Slightly outdated and cheesy, there is still something about other lights bouncing off a disco ball and spinning around a room that you cannot refuse. Get the disco ball and other lights to shine on the ball for mood music and slow dancing, or spin the ball during those retro songs. You do not have to use the disco ball all night, but it might be kind of fun to have it anyway. 

The Spotlight

Spin the spotlight around the room to catch people doing moves worthy of dance competition trophies. Someone can work the spotlight for a while, take a break, and then the next person can work the spotlight for a bit. It is a great way to excuse yourself for a twenty-minute break when you do not want to dance for a while. 

Theatrical Gel Track Lights

These are the track lights mounted to poles and suspended either from the ceiling or from metal bars and towers. Swap out the gel color sheets in front of these lights to get a wide range of colors you can pulse, strobe, and spin around the room. Choose from primary colors, or select some more unusual or vibrant hues to really kick the lighting up a notch. 

Strobe to the Music "Smart" Lights

This is a high tech version of a strobe light. Rather than just constantly strobe and nothing else, this strobe light only strobes to the music. It might be an option if you know that one or more people coming out to the rave have an epileptic condition. 

How to Get All These Lights (and More)

An entertainment lighting rental service has lots of lighting options for whatever party you are throwing. The lighting designers that typically work for these companies can help you design the perfect lighting setup. Then they will give you an estimate of what it would cost to rent everything and set it up so that you do not have to worry about any of it. 

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